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The hidden gem of Burgundy, the Bouzeron appellation, is the expression of a unique area devoted exclusively to the Aligoté grape. Historian Claude Courtépée praised the Aligoté wine of Bouzeron in 1774 in his book “The Duchy of Burgundy”. By decree on 17th February 1998, Bouzeron became the only village of Burgundy authorised to produce an AOC village wine from this ancient Burgundian grape, the Aligoté. This recognition clearly shows that the Aligoté grape has found its soil of choice in Bouzeron.
Upon tasting, Bouzeron reveals a wine that is delicate and nuanced. It is characterised by fruity notes with a beautiful mineral quality on the palate. Ageing on lees gives it body and volume. The Domaine Chanzy Bouzeron wines are bottled at the Domaine before the summer in order to preserve freshness and splendour.
Perfect as an aperitif, Bouzeron is also sublime with seafood, grilled fish, fish with sauce and sushi.

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Bouzeron is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) for white wine produced in the French communes Bouzeron and Chassey-le-Camp in the Côte Chalonnaise subregion of Burgundy.Bouzeron wine is produced from the grape variety Aligoté, and Bouzeron AOC is therefore the only communal-level Burgundy appellation for Aligoté-based wines. Other Aligoté wines from Burgundy are restricted to the regional appellation Bourgogne Aligoté AOC, and all other white Burgundy wines from communal appellations (except Saint Bris AOC) are Chardonnay-based (although with Pinot blanc technically allowed as well).
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