Seedrs hosts IPO campaign for Domaine Chanzy vineyard

Feb 3, 2015 | English News |

Seedrs, the prominent UK-based equity crowdfunding platform, today announced that it is hosting a campaign for the IPO of Burgundy vineyard Domaine Chanzy.

This is the first instance of a company conducting an IPO using crowdfunding.1 Domaine Chanzy will also be the only French company listed on AIM and the only French wine specialist listed in London. Once listed on AIM, Domaine Chanzy’s unique ticker symbol will be ‘WINE’.

Shares in Domaine Chanzy will be eligible for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) relief.

The IPO seeks to raise at least £1.9 million at a share price of 120p. Investors large and small will be able to invest from £10 up using the Seedrs platform.

The transaction is a significant step forward for equity crowdfunding in Europe and opens up the opportunity to participate in IPOs to a much wider range of investors. Those investors who use Seedrs to invest in the Domaine Chanzy IPO will have their shares held by Seedrs as nominee, meaning that they do not need to establish separate brokerage or trading accounts. Investors will be free to sell their shares on AIM at any time (provided that sufficient demand exists).